Thursday, January 19, 2012

Export all metadata in oim

1.       cd to /home/orafmw/oracle/middleware/iam/common/bin
2.       ./
3.       connect('weblogic','xxxxxxx','t3://')  [here weblogic is username, weblogic120 is password and the host is of the domain's admin server]
4.       exportMetadata(application='OIMMetadata', server='wls_oim1',toLocation='/home/orafmw/temp/allmetadata01192012',docs='/**')
5.       exit()

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OIM password decrypt

It is often useful to decrypt passwords for debugging purposes.. below is the code that does just that. After getting OIMClient instantiated and login run  XLClientSecurityAssociation.setClientHandle(oimClient);

then run the following code:
tcDataProvider dbProvider = new tcDataBaseClient();
        String query = "select USR_LOGIN,USR_PASSWORD from USR where USR_LOGIN='XELSYSADM'";
        tcDataSet dataSet = new tcDataSet();
        dataSet.setQuery(dbProvider, query);
        System.out.println("Password:: "+dataSet.getString("USR_PASSWORD"));