Monday, April 16, 2012

oracle portal 11g upgrade

Below are the steps for upgrading oracle portal to

Db upgrade - to via patch 6810189
  • runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
  • select ORACLE_HOME that needs to be upgraded
  • run as root at the end
  • dbua
  • select DB that you want to upgrade and run through the wizard
Install 10.3.5 weblogic server as requires this
Install base version (install software - do not configure option)
Install patchset against binaries
Run to create  instance and domain
  • yum install openmotif
  • yum install openmotif22 (for reports server) 

upgrade middle tier instance (ua)
  • select middle tier ORACLE_HOME of 10g portal instance
  • select asinst_1 or whatever your new ORACLE_HOME of 11g weblogic instance that you created in step before this
Getting some errors here... I will update this post in case i resolve these issues.....
upgrade portal schema (ua)

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