Tuesday, February 21, 2012

OIM 11g DB password account expiry ORA-28001

On dev environments 11g DB introduced an account password expiry feature. This is very annoying as a OIM 11g developer as I don't want OIM passwords to expire. This article provides a procedure how to get around this issue.

OIM Schemas for which passwords need to be updated:

select * from dba_users (where expiry_date is within the range of your expiry time) and reset all teh passwords to the same value as before. Below is the list of accounts that have expired in my case

kpsoftoim_db_mds, kpsoftoim_db_oim, kpsoftoim_db_soainfra, kpsoftoim_db_orasdpm, kpsoftoim_db_oam

change the profile of 11g

run select * from dba_profiles

and confirm the above updates to the profile

For each of the user accounts mentioned above, run the following:

select * from dba_users

-- mds
alter user kpsoftoim_db_mds identified by xxxxxx;
alter user kpsoftoim_db_mds account unlock;

-- oim
alter user kpsoftoim_db_oim identified by xxxxxx;
alter user kpsoftoim_db_oim account unlock;

-- soainfra
alter user kpsoftoim_db_soainfra identified by xxxxxx;
alter user kpsoftoim_db_soainfra account unlock;

-- orasdpm
alter user kpsoftoim_db_ias_orasdpm identified by xxxxxx;
alter user kpsoftoim_db_ias_orasdpm account unlock;

-- oam
alter user kpsoftoim_db_oam identified by xxxxxx;
alter user kpsoftoim_db_oam account unlock;

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