Monday, May 28, 2012

Oracle Forms 11gR2 installation instructions

Make sure there are no spaces in $PATH variable, this is not a problem with unix/linux generally.

Install openmotif and openmotif22 (prerequisites for Reports Server)
yum install openmotif
yum install openmotif22 (update yum repository as described in
install jdk 1.6 update 30

download weblogic 10.3.5 + coherence + oepe package
install at /formsdisk/Oracle/Middleware

download ofm_frmrpts_linux_11 linux package from oracle and extract
cd Disk1
runInstall -ignoreSysPrereqs
skip software updates
select install only - do not configure
select Oracle middleware home -  /formsdisk/Oracle/Middleware
Name Oracle Home Directory - FrmsHome
Click install

cd /formsdisk/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_FRHome1/
select "configure for deployment"
select and change name of oracle instance location and oracle instance name if needed
provide weblogic username/password - remember this one or write it down somewhere
I select all options available in the configure components screen
select auto options configuration
select do not use proxy configuration setting
uncheck use application identity store
click configure butting

Address any issues, I had the following issue and fixed it:
"Invalid JMX Port"
/etc/hosts file was not configured with ipaddress correctly as i had DHCP in one case and wireless connection in another and had to change this. If you have a static IP this may not be an issue

In case java update 25 or whatever in your formweb.cfg file is required below test url will automatically download it for you on IE browser, firefox can later load the same thing automatically as well.  Vice-versa needs manual configuration in firefox

Test installation:

http://<server_hostname>:8889/forms/frmservlet?form=test.fmx&userid=&o therparams=useSDI=yes&lookAndFeel=oracle&colorScheme=blue 

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  1. Thank you for the advice!

    The IP address of the server must be specified in /etc/hosts (or a correct DNS setup has to be present).