Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forms 11g Webutil configuration

I did the following setup on linux,  with some minor changes mostly path related items the steps below should work for windows server environment as well. Before making change take good backups of your environment.

Steps below are for Forms services 11gR2, steps may vary slightly for 11gR1. Please consult with oracle documentation for detailed steps.

1.       Run create_webutil_db.sql
a.       CREATE USER webutil IDENTIFIED BY webutil
b.      Grant connect, resource to webutil
c.       Connect webutil/webutil
d.      @[ORACLE_HOME]/forms/create_webutil_db.sql
e.      Create public synonym webutil_db for webutil.webutil_db;
f.        Connect sys as sysdba
g.       Grant execute on webutil_db to public;
a.       Unzip the jacob download and place jacob.jar in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/java directory
b.      backup sign_webuitl.bat script in [ORACLE_INSTANCE]/bin/sign_webutil.sh
c.       search for <Your KEYSTORE password> and replace it with welcome1 (or something like this)
d.      search for <Your private key password> and replace it with welcome1 (or something like this)
e.      Save the script and use it to sign jacob.jar as below
f.        [ORACLE_INSTANCE]/bin/sign_webutil.sh [ORACLE_HOME]/forms/java/jacob.jar
3.       Place jacob.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/ directory
4.       Jacob.dll in r2 – file names must be verified against webutil.cfg file
a.       Place jacob-1.14.3-x86.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win32 directory.
b.      Place jacob-1.14.3-x64.dll in the ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil/win64 directory
5.       Using weblogic EM console, Add ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmall.jar to the CLASSPATH in the default.env
6.       Update formsweb.cfg webutil section with the following if not already done:
a.       Add frmwebutil.jar and jacob.jar to the WebutilArchive parameter in the [webutil] configuration section. For some versions of 11g, this is already added.
b.       Specify webutil_demo as the form to be run in the [webutil] configuration section
7.       Download webutil demo from link below, extract and put the contents in a folder http://www.oracle.com/ocom/groups/public/@otn/documents/webcontent/196249.zip
8.       Copy ffisamp.dll to the <ORACLE_HOME>\forms\webutil directory.
9.       Open your webutil.cfg file and add the following line install.syslib.0.user.1=ffisamp.dll|40960|1.0|true
10.   If not already done do the following in webutil.cfg
a.       transfer.appsrv.workAreaRoot=c:\temp
b.      transfer.appsrv.accessControl=TRUE
c.       transfer.database.enabled=TRUE
d.      transfer.appsrv.enabled=TRUE
11.   Add the folder in FORMS_PATH in enterprise manager
12.   Replace db and run the following command:
a.       frmcmp.sh module=webutil_demo.fmb module_type=form userid=webutil/webutil@<db> compile_all=yes
b.      FORMS_PATH variable and make sure webutil.pll folder is available in the path or run the above command from command shell in the folder where webutil.pll is available
13.   Restart opmnctl and wls_forms weblogic instance
14.   Run the webutil demo - http://server:port/forms/frmservlet?form=wu_fileupdown_demo&config=webutil

please use reference document with Metalink DOC ID - 1093985.1


  1. i am confused at the point transfer.appsrv.workAreaRoot=c:\temp. currently i am working with linux what directory can i use or can i use any directory? kindly advise.

    1. that is a directory where the product keep temporary files, it could be any directory proper to provide this functions like /usr/tmp or something like that.


  2. thanks so much for your great document. I was facing a problem in configuring webutil to 11g, and the reason why is the old version of jacob.
    after following your steps, it's working perfectly well.

    thanks & Best Regards
    Mahmoud Kandeel